How safe are covid vaccines?

How safe are covid vaccines?

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How do I book mine? Which one?
What the the main risks?
What are my risks of dying from Covid?
Where are Covid 19 cases near me? (case map)
I have more questions, where can I get advice?

How do I book mine? Which one?

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The main risks?

We need 4 things to decide about vaccines.
Our risks of dying or getting sick from Covid 19.
And risks of dying or getting sick from vaccines.

What are my Covid 19 risks?

Your current risk depends on your: age, outbreak zone (click for a map), health conditions, home situation, and work.

Your future risk also depends on: how many cases are near you in the future.
Most countries have widespread Covid now and it is extremely likely that we will too by early 2022.

Tables below show what happened in Australia (until August 2021) for each age group.
(Reference 4, 5, 6 and 7 below).

Table 1. Odds of not surviving if you got Covid

Age Odds
20 to 30 1 per 4400
30 to 40 1 per 1400
40 to 50 1 per 1000
50 to 60 1 per 270
60 to 70 1 per 70
70 to 80 1 per 10
80 to 90 1 per 3
90 to 100 1 per 2

Table 2. Odds of getting Covid
Odds are much worse in outbreak zones

Age Odds
20 to 30 1 per 400
30 to 40 1 per 500
40 to 50 1 per 650
50 to 60 1 per 700
60 to 70 1 per 900
70 to 80 1 per 1000
80 to 90 1 per 600
90 to 100 1 per 250

Table 3. Odds of of getting Covid
AND not surviving
Odds are much worse in outbreak zones
This shows the chance in each age group that someone would get Covid 19 and not survive it.

Age Odds
20 to 30 1 per 1,800,000
30 to 40 1 per 750,000
40 to 50 1 per 650,000
50 to 60 1 per 180,000
60 to 70 1 per 60,000
70 to 80 1 per 11,000
80 to 90 1 per 2,100
90 to 100 1 per 650

Are there Covid 19 cases near me?

Two maps are really important to check.
This is a live map of where people with Covid 19 have their home address (postcode only).
This is a live map of any contact locations (to check if you’ve been somewhere that someone with Covid 19 has been recently.

What are my vaccine risks?

Pfizer for 12 year olds and up (including adults)

Pfizer Covid 19 vaccines have not caused any knowns deaths in Australia (as at August 2021).
They can cause heart inflammation though (including myocarditis and pericarditis).
This is very rare and usually gets better within 2-8 weeks (Reference 2).
This can also happen if you get Covid without being vaccinated. If you get Covid the risk of heart inflammation is much higher then from Pfizer (Reference 3).

Table: Pfizer risk of heart inflammation average from age 12 and up
This mainly happens after the second dose

Age Odds
Males;     12 to 29 1 per 25,000
Females; 12 to 29 1 per 250,000
Males;     30+ 1 per 400,000
Females; 30+ 1 per 1,000,000

New ATAGI Research for Pfizer 27th August from this article
Males 12 to 17 years old:
1st dose: 10 per million vaccines developed myocarditis/pericarditis
2nd dose: 67 per million vaccines
(0.1% after dose one and 0.2% after dose 2).
The same ATAGI article shows Covid 19 virus data for adolescents admitted to hospital due to illness severity (not just for isolation purposes).
It stated that from 1 January to 1 August 2021:
2.9% of Covid cases in Adolescents needed hospitalisation.
0.6% of Covid cases in Adolescents needed ICU admission.

Pfizer for children 5 to under 12 years old

What about side effects?
8.7million children 5 to under 12 years old had Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine in the US from November to December 2021 (source by clicking here)
Less then 1 in 2000 kids or parents reported any sort of side effect.
97% were minor; like fever, or fatigue or sore arms (common after most normal childhood vaccines)
Less than 1 in 750,000 kids had heart inflammation/myocarditis confirmed from the vaccine and have recovered or are recovering a few weeks later
Not a single child died as a result of the vaccine.

How did they find out if people had side effects?
8.7million kids had an SMS sent to their parents/carers asking them to report *anything at all* that they thought could be a side effect using an simple app.
Also, all side effects reported by doctors and nurses on the national US database were collected.

What could happen for my 5 to 11 year old if they don’t get vaccinated?

In 2021, before vaccines for this age group, Australia collected all the data for this age group (you can see it by clicking here).
1 died in this age group from 22,000 kids infected with Covid.
30 in every 2000 kids were hospitalised.
1 in every 2000 kids needed ICU care.


This vaccine is coming to pharmacies and government hubs in September 2021.>
It has very similar risks and benefits to Pfizer.


Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccines can cause TTS (a clot condition called Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome).
This happens in around 1 in 35,000 people under 50 years old and 1 in 100,000 people 50 years old and over.
The majority of people who get TTS from the vaccine survive with no long term problems.
TTS can also happen if you get Covid without being vaccinated. If you get Covid the risk of TTS is 10 times higher then from the vaccine!
Out of about 1 million people who are vaccinated with AstraZeneca, 1 can die (Reference 1).
Out of about 70,000 people who have had Covid, around 1,100 people have died already in Australia (September 2021).

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