Covid Positive Info, Covid Contact Info, Covid Testing Info

Covid Positive Info, Covid Contact Info, Covid Testing Info

Welcome to our Covid page about Covid Positive Info, Covid Contact Info and Covid Testing Info in Kiama.
If you want to book Covid Vaccines or learn all about them please click here instead.

Covid 19 Information

Where to test?
Do I need a test?
I have Covid, what now?
I’m a Covid contact, what now?

I’m stressed about Covid, what do I do?
What to do if someone has Covid

Where to test

Please click here to help you find the nearest covid testing clinic to us in Kiama Downs.
We recommend for convenience and safety drive thru clinics, particularly ones that do not require a GP referral (to save you time!).

Covid vaccine information

Please click here for more information about the Covid Vaccine at our practice.

Do I need a test? Which test?

Lots of people need a RAT or a PCR test.
As at 02/02/2022:
This might be because you have symptoms (below) or if you are a contact.
You might be able to do a RAT or you might need to do a PCR test.
To find out which test you need click here.
Symptoms include ANY one or more of:
• fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher)
• cough
• sore throat
• shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
• runny nose
• loss of taste
• loss of smell.
Other symptoms could be one or more of:
• fatigue
• acute blocked nosed (congestion)
• muscle pain
• joint pain
• headache
• diarrhoea
• nausea/vomiting
• loss of appetite.

If you develop any worsening symptoms such as increased shortness of breath, cough or fevers, consider going to your nearest emergency department.

I’m positive or a contact – what do I do?

If you had contact with someone with Covid:
(48 hours before they had symptoms, or when they had symptoms or tested positive):

First: click here to check your contact risk
Second: click here to check what sort of test to do and when.

If you are positive for Covid:
If you feel unsafe at any time or have trouble breathing, chest pain or feel faint: call 000 (112 from mobiles).
For advice call the NSW Covid-19 Care at Home Line on 1800 960 933 or your GP,
the National Coronavirus Hotline (all hours) 1800 020 080, or Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

If you are positive on a PCR test for Covid 19 follow NSW Health Advice.
If you are positive on a RAT test for Covid 19 by law you must notify NSW Health online here or call them to tell them on 137788.

Check all the links below for more info:
Use the Health Direct Guide for Managing Covid 19 at home. Bookmark this now.

1. Self isolate immediately

2. Check this symptom list. Tell anyone you saw in the 48 hours before your first symptoms to:
Check their contact risk here.

3. If you have financial difficulties, medication access issues, domestic violence concerns or other
worries please call the NSW Covid-19 Care at Home Line on 1800 960 933.

4. Learn how to manage yourself at home here.

5. If you get any of the following signs seek help urgently using 000:
For less severe symptoms call your GP or NSW Covid-19 Care at Home Line: 1800 960 933.
Signs of concern:
• Heart rate over 120 a minute or in the red zone for children
• Breathing rate over 24 a minute or in the red zone for children
• Pulse oximetry oxygen under 94% or 3% lower than your normal level before getting Covid
(this includes if it only happens at times while walking or talking)
• Fever over 39°C lasting over 5 days
Symptoms of concern:
• New or worsening breathlessness
• Unable to stand
• Chest pain or tightness lasting over 10 minutes
• Reduced fluid intake or ability to make urine – less than half of normal in the last 24 hours
• Altered mental state (like confusion or drowsiness or floppiness)
• Pale, clammy, mottled skin
• Severe headache
• Significant worry from parent or carer
Read this link to learn which symptoms are Severe, Moderate and Mild.
This is really important so you know when or if you need to act urgently.

6. Read about Release and Recovery from Covid 19 Isolation
This tells you: how long to isolate, when you must isolate again if re-exposed to covid,
when you can next get a vaccine and mental health support

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What are we doing to protect you?

At our practice we are more committed than ever to delivering you the best quality medical care and protecting your family’s health and safety. GPs in Kiama Downs and our nurses now offer phone and video calls so that you can access medical expertise from the safety of your home.

We have increased our infection control and check all patients for cold or flu symptoms before they enter the practice. If you have symptoms you will be seen outside in a private screened area.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this challenging time. We understand that many of you may have new financial pressure. Please discuss any questions or concerns with our doctors and staff so that we can assist you in any way we can.
Please stay safe and do not hesitate to call us on 02 4237 7502.

Mental health difficulty is on the rise due to Covid

We suggest that everyone please spends 5 minutes watching this video:

This video helps focus us all on what we can truly do for ourselves, our families, friends and our community in this time. It also helps remind us how to rediscover some calm and step away from the news hysteria.

Please take care of those around you.

Particularly those who live alone or have health issues. If you or someone you know is a patient of our practice and seems to be struggling please urge them to call us or ask their permission for you to call us on their behalf so that we can try to arrange support for them.

Know where you can get help

If you need any help please call us or alternatively please consider:
NSW Covid-19 Care at Home Line on 1800 960 933
Covid Hotline: 1800 020 080
Health Direct: 1800 022 222
Mental Health Line: 1800 011 511
Emergency care: 000 (112 on mobiles)
For bookings with us please visit http://kdmp.com.au