Help literally save lives in Ukraine and to rebuild Lismore

Help literally save lives in Ukraine and to rebuild Lismore

Help us put up to $17,000 towards saving lives in Ukraine and helping the community of Lismore to rebuild.
We’re already putting $7000 up for Ukraine and $7000 for Lismore.

We also have another $3000 to donate and you can choose which cause it will go to:
– in the next 24 hours we will chip in another $10 on your behalf to either cause if you post “Ukraine” or “Lismore” in the comments on our Facebook post here.

Ukraine – children underground in temporary hospitals

Putin Russian forces push children on dialysis into underground temporary hospitals

Children on dialysis hide from Putin’s bombs, underground in temporary hospital wards

Right now hundreds of thousands need food, water, shelter, health and hospital support.
Tomorrow we are helping you donate at least $7000 (out of your private fees) towards this great cause.
– you can also make your own donation by clicking here: https://crisisrelief.un.org/t/ukraine.

In the meantime we have reached out to Ukrainian GPs in Australia who are connected to the crisis in Ukraine to offer support and are hoping to provide more help soon.

Ukrainian children ask for support and protest against Putin’s war

Lismore – the crisis continues

Lismore Floods

Lismore Flood Waters 3rd March

Today we also spoke to local GPs and hospital staff in Lismore:
– There are now “mud armies” of volunteers going to people’s homes to clear the wreckage from their homes.
– Multiple GP practices have been destroyed; many in the community can’t access basic care, scripts or their entire records.
– We have reached out to GPs in Lismore to offer infrastructure and support and are hoping to help more one they are back online.

In the meantime Lismore Council, SES and Fire NSW continue to support the clean up and rescue efforts.
Tomorrow we are donating at least $7000 of your private gap fees to Lismore to provide them with urgently needed support.
– you can also make your own donation by donating to the Lismore Flood Appeal here.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for supporting these incredible projects.

Kind regards,

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