Women’s Health

We hope these hand picked resources give you new ideas in your journey towards improving your health. Our aim is to minimise the time you spend researching, seeing health professionals and trialling treatments and to get you as healthy as fast as possible. We hope the resources here help you find the solution to your question yourself but appreciate that often your situation might need the attention of a health professional of some sort. If you have any concerns or questions at all please see your regular GP or in urgent matters call 000.

Fact sheets for specific topics

Jean Hailes Fact Sheets

  • This fantastic resource provides fact sheets here covering literally just about everything you can imagine related to women’s health including sexual health, fertility, libido, contraception, pregnancy, bladder control, menstrual issues, bone strength, menopause, cancer screening and many others

Family Planning NSW

  • Covering puberty, relationships, fertility, contraception, periods, unwanted pregnancy and many more and also offering clinics

Unwanted pregnancy, termination or abortion care

  • Our community support the choice for women to end or continue with pregnancy according to our needs and wants
  • We have a dedicated nursing team and GP registrars who can help you with your journey – please book now if this is important to you after reading the page here.

General information and education

Jean Hailes Womens Health Week series

GP Screening

Better Health (Victoria) List of GP checks for women

  • Has your GP helped you cover all bases?  There are a lot of things that your GP should be offering you when you see them and a lot hinges on your family history. If your GP doesn’t know about your family history make an appointment to discuss this. GP checks should include the obvious (cervical / pap smears, breast screening advice) right through to checks for STIs, heart health, bone strength and referrals for eye tests. Better Health (Victoria) provide this great list. If you feel you have not had one of these reviewed with your GP recently or are overdue please book in to see your GP this week.

Specific topics

Breast Cancer Screening

Cervical Screening (the pap smear)

  • Why to consider it, what abnormal results mean, where to get tested (all of our GPs are capable of testing for cervical cancer)


Domestic violence

Unwanted pregnancy

  • Our doctors share the belief that all women have a right to affordable and safe care for unwanted pregnancy and provide information about this here

The Vulva; what is normal?

  • One topic that is increasingly becoming common in general practice according to Jean Hailes is around what is normal in appearance for the vulva. For more information about this topic please browse to the Labia Library which is also referenced by Jean Hailes in their patient content (sensitive material warning) here