Nurses at Kiama Downs Medical Practice can arrange for Zoledronic Acid or Aclasta infusions.

To arrange an infusion at Kiama Downs Medical Practice

  1. You can arrange to see a GP in Kiama Downs by booking in.
    Your new GP can then assess you and see if this infusion is right for you and arrange it for you.
  2. Or, if you have a GP already, you can ask your GP or other specialist to assess if you are safe to have this infusion and to provide you with any relevant information about it including all dental check. If they agree you should have the infusion then:
  • Ask your GP or other specialist:
    1) to do any tests required and send the results to our email (top of page) or fax 42377604
    2) to complete this referral here (your doctor or you can click this link and print it*).
  • Note your referral must be fully complete and signed by both you and your GP and sent here to us at Kiama Downs Medical Practice.
    * If you are a doctor in a public service and cannot access the link due to website restrictions please call us on 42377502 so we can fax it to you.

Booking in

  • Please book by calling 4237 7502 to pay a $80 deposit. Ask to book “an Aclasta infusion with the nurse and with Dr Tom Hilliar for 15minutes as well at the start”
  • The total cost of the infusion is $178. If you bring your Medicare Card details you will receive a $39 refund from Medicare within 24 hours of completing your appointment with us

If you are a regular patient at another GP

  • Please be aware that the deposit is only refunded if the infusion is cancelled by phone at least 24 hours before the appointment
  • If you are deemed not safe for the infusion at the time of your appointment you will receive a $40 refund on your $80 deposit from Medicare.
  • You need to acknowledge on the referral form that your GP or other specialist is responsible for ensuring that you are eligible for an Aclasta infusion.

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